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After 20 year’s experience of writing and delivering In Service Training, CPD and university accredited courses relating to severe and profound learning difficulties and/or autistic spectrum conditions, I naturally believe that well delivered expert training can make a real difference to those working and living with those with learning difficulties.

How does your place of work ensure an effective CPD Programme?
In his report to the last government on the state of SLD/PMLD teacher training, Toby Salt was surely correct in suggesting that the skills and knowledge required to teach such pupils and students were at least the equivalent of that required for A Level subject teaching. Many senior TAs take on teaching roles for parts (sometimes large parts) of their week; the vast majority of Teaching Assistants ‘teach’ every single day in 1 to 1 and small group settings. Even highly skilled teachers and teaching assistants need to have opportunities for reflection and challenge. High quality training really can make a difference.

A prophet in his own land
Schools can present their own CPD programmes and many are extremely effective, but there is always the danger of staff switching off from messages delivered by familiar managers. Much value can be gained by ensuring high quality delivery of practical courses geared to the teaching of children, young people and adults with SLD, PMLD and/or ASD.

Bespoke training delivered at your school
Whole or part day Inset run at your school or place of work are charged by the day irrespective of the numbers attending, and there’s nothing to stop you inviting in neighbouring schools to share the cost. Considering that sending a single member of staff to an outside equivalent course will cost at least £150 per day (and usually much more) plus travel, plus supply cover, a day’s Inset for the whole school represents real value.

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