• Curriculum Support

    Specialising in Special Educational Needs Training and Advice


Real time classroom observation and coaching for Schools working with children, young people and adults with PMLD, SLD, MLD and/or Autism.

I and my small team of experienced and specialist ex special school senior leaders, currently work with more than 30 schools in the capacity of a Consultancy Partner/SIP who use us to:

(i) Deliver specific whole or part school training on curriculum initiatives and development, setting such training in line with the new Ofsted.

(ii) Inspection Framework, as part of a long-term relationship between ourselves and the school act as a sounding board to senior leadership teams on their direction of travel.

(iii) Act as critical friends with regard to the school’s pedagogy, curriculum and assessment schemas, especially with regard to instituting Equals Pre-Formal, Informal, Semi-Formal and/or Formal Curriculum and Assessment model.

(iv) Give advice to individual teachers and their teams, especially through the process of lesson observations and giving first-hand feedback of our thoughts, observe individual pupils, especially with regard to behavioural issues and advice on Behavioural Support Plans.

(v) Write a detailed report on the findings of the day.

We have become increasingly interested in such arrangements, rather than just delivering straightforward training because we see and value the benefits of being part of a school’s journey. This is especially so when schools are trying to make the change from a traditional curriculum set up to a multi-tiered, pre-formal, informal, semi-formal, formal model, since many teachers and school leaders will find the prospect good in theory but challenging in practice. Seven of the institutions we have worked with received visits from Ofsted in the last eighteen months; two moved from RI to Good, one moved from Good to Good with Outstanding features, one from Good to Outstanding and three remained Outstanding. We are not claiming credit for such results, but it is significant that all were running or were about to run with a Semi-Formal Curriculum model.

Please apply directly at peter.imray@hotmail.co.uk for a costing. An initial Zoom meeting to mutually assess needs and wants is free of charge. Schools have generally made the decision to opt for either one day per half term or one day per term over a two-year period. This could of course, be varied depending on the size of the school, the degree of change needed, how speedily the school would like the process to get going and of course, school budgets.