Special Packages, Workshops and Conferences

Schools and other organisations interested in developing their skills and knowledge in severe learning difficulties, profound learning difficulties and/or autistic spectrum disorders might want variations on particular courses and bespoke packages are always possible.

Some geographical areas (Liverpool and surrounds for example) get together every year to put on a ‘super’ Inset day for several hundred staff. You may not wish to go that big, but there is merit in combining resources so that a workshop style delivery of key speakers can be gathered together under one roof. I have, at various times in the past, worked with the brilliant talents of:-

Flo Longhorn – PMLD and currently hot in iPad apps
Dave Hewett – Intensive Interaction and Challenging Behaviour
Keith Park – Interactive drama and poetry through call and response
Richard Hirstwood – Sensory Rooms and sensory equipment
Sally Paveley – ICT in relation to SLD and PMLD
Nicola Grove – Storytelling with children and adults
Penny Lacey – All things SLD and PMLD!
Les Staves – Maths and severe and profound learning difficulties
Mike McLinden – Multi-Sensory Impairment
Lesley Platts – Sensory auditing and perceptual problems.
Mike Sissons – Mapping and SAssessing Personal Progress

Their national and sometimes international reputations in the fields of severe and profound learning difficulties are rightly deserved and if you’re interested in pursuing the idea of a day with some or all of them, email me at info@peterimray.co.uk for a discussion on possible workshop programmes, with or without key note speakers.