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Consultancy and Educational Advice

I am able to offer various consultation and advice services to schools, local education authorities, residential establishments, and any other organisation working with children, young people or adults with SLD, PMLD or ASD. This may be hands-on work with their staff as a follow-up to course delivery which can be extremely effective as a reinforcement of the issues raised during a course. Rather than delivering training and walking away, follow ups can actually bring the theory of training into the practice of the classroom. This is especially important if a school is considering re-designing its curriculum, which many are in light of an increasingly open stance from Ofsted, Estyn (in Wales) and HMIE (in Scotland) towards curriculum development and delivery.

I can also work with a team simply in order to help them think through a particularly challenging situation they are experiencing with a pupil/service user or group of pupils/service users. I can help to develop strategies for helping a particularly ‘difficult to reach’ person, or to look at issues of organisation, management, leadership and teamwork. It is often extremely useful to managers and leaders to have someone from outside taking a ‘sideways’ look at problems, thus offering a fresh pair of eyes towards a solution.

I can provide a team of experts from outstanding schools with proven consultancy experience in the areas of severe learning difficulties, profound and multiple learning difficulties, autistic spectrum disorders, challenging behaviour and curriculum development. Bespoke packages can be worked out to suit your particular needs over a time frame that is convenient for you.

Over the past two years I have worked with a number of schools and adults education centres in the UK and abroad, on improving the service they deliver to their pupils and clients.

Email me at info@peterimray.co.uk for a discussion on possible programmes.